Interactive 2D and 3D product experiences are the only way to get near a physical product experience - a level of service expected by new generations of consumers, who are used to rich experiences from other digital channels. Such "life-like" experiences and corresponding high levels of customer engagement are hard to facilitate without combining all 2D, 360 and 3D technologies to deliver shapes and textures in high resolution and with an almost infinite number of perspectives and views. 

BRAND3D has revolutionized the product photography process by unifying legacy 2D/360 product photography with 3D photogrammetry and state-of-the-art 3D product modelling. Our customers are leading brands and retailers who have identified the need to increase customer engagement across all existing digital channels. The BRAND3D solution allows for product placement in both existing eCommerce environments as well as creating and enabling new and compelling consumer experiences in AR/VR/MR


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Our cloud based product placement platform

The Brand3D Product Placement Platform is our proprietary platform for virtualizing and exposing products in 3D. Unlike conventional 360 photography used for e-commerce, the Brand3D technology allows for virtually endless detail in each 3D model, as well as virtual changes to the product, e.g. changes in color, shape and material. Furthermore, the “true 3D model” allows for the insertion of the product into 3D environments such as games, virtual worlds and simulation of real-world situations.

Capture: Brand3D can flexibly capture product images from mobile phones, existing hi-resolution photos, or even physical product via our Brand3D Capture Hub.

Create: Brand3D has a team of 3D artists who can scale-ably produce 3D models in quantities ranging from hundreds to thousands of models.

Store: Brand3D has operated the core storage and curation platform for over 7 years. Running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) we provide a massively reliable, scale-able, secure, and cost-effective cloud solution where we store existing product photography as well as corresponding 3D models.

Analyze:  Brand3D offers detailed tracking capabilities of all interactions with digital assets stored on the platform. This includes the ability to track access to every product hosted on the platform, and thereby build a complete understanding on how customers engages with every product in much greater detail than what is available in conventional systems. For example, while traditional e-commerce systems would track that a digital image was clicked, our backend could track that a 3D model was picked-up, pointed to a particular target and fired 17 times before put down. In this way, the customer reaction to different products and promotions can be analyzed to provide a much deeper understanding of customer behavior prior to making a purchase decision. The flexible architecture of this mechanism will further allow Brand3D to work with Reality Clash to make this tracking customized to its requirements.

Placement: Brand3D works with its business partners or their digital agencies to determine and execute optimum Product Placement.